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About Us

About Us

  • IBS-Sauer was founded in 1948 by Chartered Engineer Hans Sauer (9.1.1915 - 25.12.1991)
    • Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Aircraft Engineering
    • Specialism: Industrial Planning
    • 1948 primarily parallel leading and innovatively formed in crane engineering for DEMAG / Wetter
  • 1979 Hajo Sauer Consulting Engineer (* 19.9.1948) (German Chamber of Engineering (“Ingenieurkammer”)) joined the Company
    • Graduated in Civil Engineering and Architecture
    • 2000 - 2003 Mediation
  • 1981 Hans Sauer emigrated to Australia, whereupon Hajo Sauer took over Ingenieurbüro Hans Sauer VDI
  • 1982 Ingenieurbüro Hans Sauer VDI began to construct its own projects: commercial, residential and retail
  • 1990 amongst others Trenches become specialism
  • 1991 Ingenieurbüro Hans Sauer VDI substantially reoriented its business to project management and contamination reports
  • 1992 Beginning of the contamination management, attendant technical consulting for builders / lawyers / notaries property purchase agreements, calculation of depreciation due to contamination (from 1998 calculated in accordance with German legislation known as the Bundenbodenschutgesetz)
  • 1993 Frankfurt becomes major sphere of activity
  • 1995 Sauer Consulting Queensland was established in Queensland / Bundaberg
  • 1999 Started working in a paperless office, websites for construction, consulting and planning
  • 2003 Helicopter Landing Pads – planning, advisory and expert reports (Hajo Sauer holds a Private Pilot Helicopter Lisence)

·         2007 Hajo Sauer emigrated to Vietnam (married with Pham Kieu Dung – Vietnamese certified chartered accountant), whereupon in 2007 Ingenieurbüro Hans Sauer VDI Vietnam has been founded

  • 2008 Green Village Hirondelles Master Plan – Binh Thuan Province – Vietnam – the Tropical Architecture Master Plan for approx. 7.000 people on 247 ha rural beach and cliffs site in South Vietnam (http://www.hirondelles.biz/)
  • 2009 Speeches about Green Impact and Tropical Architecture
  • 2010 Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture – Guest Lecturing in Green Impact and Tropical Architecture


Our profile

  • Specialist in consulting on real estate construction
    • From the Property Purchase Agreement to the approvals
    • Accompany professional advice on demolition and building contracts
    • The misappropriation of housing space,
    • Environmental Reports,
    • Identification and clean up of environmental contamination
    • Legal applications relating to water
    • Building regulations consent
    • Calculation of the quantities for construction
    • Expert opinions on land use applications and construction plans
    • Creation of technical contract specifications for demolition and trenches
    • Creation of concepts for construction websites and paperless project management
    • Expert reports on the accessibility of a building by helicopter
    • Green Impact and Tropical Architecture – Green Master Plans
  • Project management for prime contractors and builders
  • Project Management:

from negotiation of Property Purchase Agreement until either the project is handed to the primary contractor / builder or the complete project management of the construction